Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What have we Been doing these Days!

Going to birthday parties

Fresh Flowers in the house always makes this Momma happy

St. Patty Day crafts with BB

Arts and Crafts...Hallie made a family tree

Going and visiting a sweet baby and nephew

A girl can NEVER have enough purses!!

Showing off their Cuz shirts

Kissing Brooks

Falling in Love with a new cousin

Hallie loves to babsit
Playing pretend...Hallie (the Mommy) and BB (the baby)


Spoiling KK after her surgery

Playing outside and having Mommy chase me while Hallie practices Soccer

Long naps on rainy days

More Soccer!!!

Playing Outside....BB would stay outside 24/7

Board games

It's hard to believe Darra turned 5!!! She will be going to school this's so hard for me to believe she is 5!!

Kids Rock fun

Finally, just being a Cool Kid!!

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