Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What have we Been doing these Days!

Going to birthday parties

Fresh Flowers in the house always makes this Momma happy

St. Patty Day crafts with BB

Arts and Crafts...Hallie made a family tree

Going and visiting a sweet baby and nephew

A girl can NEVER have enough purses!!

Showing off their Cuz shirts

Kissing Brooks

Falling in Love with a new cousin

Hallie loves to babsit
Playing pretend...Hallie (the Mommy) and BB (the baby)


Spoiling KK after her surgery

Playing outside and having Mommy chase me while Hallie practices Soccer

Long naps on rainy days

More Soccer!!!

Playing Outside....BB would stay outside 24/7

Board games

It's hard to believe Darra turned 5!!! She will be going to school this's so hard for me to believe she is 5!!

Kids Rock fun

Finally, just being a Cool Kid!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

5 Tooth

Hallie lost her 5 tooth on St. Patrick's Day!!!

Weekend Review

Friday night snuggles and playing her favorite game Tom

Magnet Fun

Trying to make my sweetie feel better with a cupcake

Hal helping out in the chicken houses...she likes to go only when they are baby peeps.

BB loves babies and wants to help take of them
This weekend didn't go as planned. We had 2 birthday's to celebrate this weekend Uncle Steven's and my Wonderful Mother's. Needless to say, after a Doctor apt. on Friday and coming home to an under the weather little toddler we stayed at home Friday. I was able to make cup cakes and do some light cleaning but most of Friday night was spent cuddling BB on the couch. Saturday, BB began running another fever so we took a trip to the minute clinic where she was diagnosed with Pharyngitis. Then I took a horrible Migraine. Thank goodness, Hallie was able to play with her cousins and me and BB took a long nap. We didn't get to go out for my Mom's birthday but Hallie was able to go and have fun. Then Sunday, was rainy nasty I have been bummed all weekend. So, I'm hoping for a Great Week despite the yucky weather and for a fun weekend!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This and That

Soccer has began for the Spring Season

My girls and our sweet cousin Torie

Enjoying Icing

Queen BB

This Swan was determined to get food at the bottom of the Chetola Lake

Bride Hallie for hat day

Celebrating Maw Becky's birthday

Excited for Chocolate

Movie Time

BB's first boo boo on her knee

Exhausted from her first GS sleepover

Melting Pot Fun...this picture captures the fun going on in all different

BB is loving her new kicks and wanted to wear them to

Chuckie E Cheese fun

BB loves playing in the dirt just like her Daddy

Tractor fun with Pop-paw Kistler

I had BB's bumper pad made into pillows...I was so pleased with how it turned out